Saturday, October 7, 2017


Jim Redgewell Music

This has got nothing to do with Spanish, but all my time is being taken with my music career.  This is an article taken from my music site:

What's In A Name

I always have to spell my name when people ask for it. The most common mistake is to be called Jim Ridgewell.  This makes it hard for people to find me on the Internet.

Then I have people calling me James or sometimes Jimbo. When I search for "jim redgewell" I am on the 1st page of google, but not when I search for any of the following:

james redgewell 

james redgwell

james ridgewell

jim redgwell

jim ridgewell

It seems to me that on the Internet, names are very important!

Jim Redgewell Music

Sunday, February 26, 2017

James Redgewell

At the moment I am busy with my music and have little time left over to update this site.